Health Hacks


Tara Moske, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Health isn’t something that just comes naturally; keeping healthy takes work. It is very easy to become lazy and get out of the habit of nourishing the body inside and out. Here are some small, simple health hacks for staying on the right track. The first is coconut oil. People who have skin problems can put some on after a shower to soothe and soften skin. Also, replacing things like butter with coconut oil in cooking can help get rid of some fat in a person’s diet. Another hack is using chia and flax seeds. Chia seeds are really good for the colon, and flax seeds help with cholesterol; even just putting some in a smoothie can be really enjoyable. One last health hack is eating or drinking something like yogurt, that has probiotics, the good bacteria that helps keep the digestive system on track. Small steps can add up for a big health impact.