Artist Profile: Hannah Meseck

Mikayla Martin, Editor

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The library gallery is always full of beautiful student artwork. From pottery to drawings to paintings, Faith is blessed with the work of talented student artists. One artist whose work always seems to grace the library windows is Hannah Meseck. For Hannah, art is more than just images and forms; to her, art is about emotion and her own history. When Hannah was growing up, her father and older brother would draw her little cartoons that would always make her laugh. She fell in love with Walt Disney’s animation; whenever she went to Disneyland, she would spend much of her time in the “How to Draw this Character” classes. Soon, her interest in art increased, and she began making up her own characters, such as Loopy Bongo, who was a pink mouse that greatly enjoyed pies. Ever since then, she has done many unqiue pieces in different mediums, allowing her creativity and imagination to take over. Although she is not picky in the kind of art she enjoys, she does say she likes emotion-provoking art, something that can connect with the human heart. More than just defining her past, Hannah hopes that art will be integral in her future, Hannah wants to seek a job in the animation industry after college. Hannah’s talent and passion prevades in all of her artwork, and it will be exciting to see her take her place in the art world after high school.

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