One Picture

Creative Writing

The Weekly Journey

Tara Moske, Arts and Entertainment Editor

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On a small shoppett corner, a boy walks further and further down the street.  He is not really sure where he is, but for some strange reason, he kind of likes it.  He likes not knowing where he’s going and letting his feet show him the way.  Walking down what seems to be a more abandoned walkway is strange to him.  All he wants is inspiration, something to bring him back to his roots, something to remind him why he started doing photography. He doesn’t really know for sure what he is looking for to make him regain those things again. Suddenly, the smell of delicious coffee fills his nose, and he is automatically drawn to it.  He turns a corner, and his eyes are filled with joy as he tries to take everything in. So many small shops, food places, and people fill this one specific area. Different designs on the buildings bring more joy to this experience and make him long for more.  Whether it be more of the street or more of the culture or more of the history, he just wanted more.  But for now, all he can do is take a picture.

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