Living the Softball Life

Competitive Softball Players at Faith

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Living the Softball Life

Marsella Evans, Student Life Editor

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Faith softball has recently been blessed with many committed players who not only play in the high school season, but enjoy competitive softball in the spring and summer. This group of six girls loves to live life in the world of softball and everything it entails. The houses and cars of these girls are filled with softballs. Their sport is the dominant figure in their schedule and requires some form of practice just about every day.

Competitive softball players compete in an average of about fourteen tournaments from March to July. The girls play just about every weekend. Each tournament has three games on Saturday and as many as can be won until about four or five 0’cock on Sunday. Teams can be forced to play through sun, rain, snow, sometimes even snow-hail, and, worst of all, wind. However, the joy of playing eases the burdens that sometimes come with the sport. Competitive softball is a small world, and players share a special connection with teammates and even opponents they meet year after year.

Ashley Evans and I are two of these girls who play on the Colorado Majestix. We love the team, as we have experienced playing with amazing teammates. Ashley mainly pitches for her team and occasionally contributes at short stop. I continue to love catching for almost all my team’s games, despite the fact that I always seem to end up as the only one able to catch. I also have stepped in at second recently. Both of us  wouldn’t trade the craziness of it all for anything.

Madison Walker is another dedicated player. Her dad coaches her team, the Arvada Hawks. She loves her sport and her teammates; but, heartbreakingly, she has dealt with the struggle of constant injury for a while now. She is consistently trying to get better and work hard, so that she can get back to the sport she loves.

McKenzie Connor plays for the Nextlevel 16s team in Colorado. She pitches and plays first base with them, and they love to utilize her speed. It is a team specifically designed to lead into college opportunities and requires a great deal of work, but it helps her grow, and she loves the game.

Abrianah McGaw is passionate about softball. She plays for the 18u Outlaws and loves her team. Abri can hold her own almost anywhere on the field and can wait for a great season.

McKenna Gubanich is on the Cardinals. The team has been very successful in the past and has high expectations for this season. She is a first basemen and outfielder for them and excels as a power hitter. This year is bittersweet for her, since it is her last regular competitive season.

Shelby Trostle is not on a competitive team yet, but she is talking to the Spartans about possible play this season. She would be on the  team as a pitcher and likely a first baseman.

A group of other girls are also joining a team for Faith, called The Mirage, in the off season. It will have double headers on weekdays. Club play definitely increases skills and experience, and it should set next year’s softball team on a path to success. Go Eagles!


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