French Presidential Election


Reagan White, Staff Writer

On Sunday, April 23, France held the first round of the French presidential election. This election is somewhat different from the past elections, because many important decisions will be made by the next president of France. It is also an important election for the European Union, because after losing Great Britain, the EU will certainly want a president who agrees with many of the more important policies that the other presidents of countries in the EU have adopted. Many Americans don’t know how the French presidential election works. Contrasting with many other countries, France splits the election into a first round and a last round. The first round started with 11 major candidates, and then narrowed down to two candidates. The first-place candidate is Emmanuel Macron of the En Marche party, which is a social liberalism party. Macron got 24% of the vote. The second-place candidate is Marine Le Pen of the National Front party, which supports national conservatism. Le Pen received 21% of the vote. These two candidates remind some people of the United States presidential election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton because of how polarized the parties are. The final round will take place May 7 between Le Pen and Macron. It will definitely be a tight final round.