Girl’s Golf Update

Mikayla Martin, Editor in Chief

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Faith’s girl’s golf team is winding down their season. Before this year, many of the 16 girls had never stepped foot on the green knolls that famously belong to the sport. For practice, the team goes to the driving range or the golf course to play a hole or two. Since the team is in its first year, it has been a growing season, as the girls are still learning the sport. Tournaments, which can last all day, can be filled with excitement, as the team found out when a golf cart broke and eight team members had to get out and push it up a hill, with Coach Hicks in tow! For many of the girls, golf provides a stress reliever and a way to get outside and enjoy nature with friends. Many players will return next year, and they look forward to seeing just how far the Faith team can go.

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