Player Profile: Payton Walter

the centerfield star


Marsella Evans

Senior Payton Walter, #18, has been playing softball for four years. She is a centerfielder and a crucial player on the team, as the only senior and a team captain. Her strength is her athleticism, as her first sport is actually track, and she does a great job jumping in to help out the team. We are lucky to have her. She sat down for the following Q and A with The Talon:

Q: “Do you have anything that you have to do before a game for good luck?”

A: “Not really, but I eat food usually, and remember to take off my jewelry.”

Q: “What is your favorite part about softball?”

A: “I love the team.”

Q: “What is your favorite position?”

A: “Centerfield, and I just hate the infield in general.”

Q: “What has been your favorite moment in your high school softball career?”

A: “I have loved the trips to Gunnison  with the team, or when I slid and dove back into every single base on one trip around the bases.”

Q: “What is the one team you would beat if you could be guaranteed victory?”

A: “It is a tie between Brush, Eaton, and Valor”