Player Profile: Nick Breen

A Constant Competitior

Marsella Evans, Staff Writer

Junior Nick Breen, #18, has been playing soccer for seven years. He has been a baseline player for JV this year, so much so that he has maxed out the number of halves CHSAA will allow him to play, which means the rest of his time this year will be spent on varsity. He is a consistent and steady competitor, and the Eagles are lucky to have him. He sat down for the following Q and A with The Talon:

Q: “Do you have anything that you have to do before a game for good luck?”

A: “Always pray and make sure we are stretched.”

Q: “What is your favorite part about soccer?”

A: “Learning important life lessons through the game.”

Q: “What is your favorite position?”

A: “I like defense.”

Q: “What has been your favorite moment in your high school soccer career?”

A: “Scoring a goal on varsity with my left foot.”

Q: “What is the one team you would beat if you could be guaranteed victory?”

A: “It would have to be Jesuit.”