The Last Leaves Falling: A Moving Story For Generations

Rebecca Vialpando, Staff Writer

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The Last Leaves Falling is a book published in June of 2015 and written by Sarah Benwell. The story revolves around Sora, a Japanese teenager diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease, as clarified in the story) who is mostly isolated from the world as a result. Although weak and depressed because of his disease, Sora reads from a samurai poem book, received from his doctor, that benefits him greatly. He also starts to make friends in an online chatroom to stop him from being so lonely, and two of them meet Sora in person. As Sora starts to become unable to move, the trio spend more and more time together. However, the story throws readers for a sharp turn at the end; told in poetic style, it is sure to leave readers thinking about the situation.

This book is an eye-opener to many people. Not only does it teach readers to be kind to others, but it helps them learn to be brave and defy odds even during rough times in their lives. The Last Leaves Falling helps people to open up and befriend others who have similar conditions as the main character. This powerful book has words that will entrance readers, and a story line that takes many twists and turns.

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