Q and A with Rodi

Calvin Cardie

Calvin Cardie, Staff Writer

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Rodion Pankratov is a international student from Almaty, Kazakhstan; he is an accomplished senior, athlete, and power lifter.

Q: “What do you miss most from your country?”

A: ” I love America! I miss nothing but family.”

Q: “What do you love most?”

A: “Freedom to choose my career path and my girlfriend.”

Q: “What’s your favorite American food?”

A: “The American version of Mexican food.”

Q: “Is school harder than back home?”

A: “Academically, yes, but it is stricter back home.”

Q: “What is one piece of advice you would give a younger international student?”

A: “Try to be serious, and always put school first; because the U.S. has a lot a freedom that can lead people down the wrong path.”

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