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Fantastic Four Movie Poster

Fantastic Four Movie Poster

Sill Heartwing, Staff Writer

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The 2015 Fantastic four movie reboot had me hoping for action, romance, and struggle, but that hope was  crushed. The romance between Reed and Susan was not exciting, which really let me down, since the previous movie incorporated it very well. The new version also included very little character development. The previous movie showed how the characters struggle to control their powers and even how Ben struggled with no longer being human; the new movie simply shows a montage of clips, including of Ben being a new military weapon. After years of Ben being mad at Reed, they cross with each other once, and then they’re all buddy buddy again. Overall, all of the characters were very one-sided and bland, including  the epic let-down with Doom. He comes in, kills a few people, tries to destroy Earth, then is beaten very easily. He had no motive for what he was doing, and for all the power he had, he was defeated by a predictable plan. He was a super genius the whole first part of the movie; then, that all seems to fly out the window. This movie seemed rushed, the characters were flat, and the action was lacking. The whole thing felt very much like a prologue and lead-up, rather than a main story. Marvel was lacking in this motion picture.  I give a one star review out of pity.

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