Cheer Q&A with Diane Aucoin


Faith Paschke, Staff Writer

Q: What do you find so enjoyable about being in cheer?

A: Cheer is fun because of the team and all the time we spend together. Our stunt groups are inseparable because it is our job to catch and support one another.

Q: How long have you been in cheer?

A: One year. I was a gymnast, which helped me a lot with the tumbling aspect of cheer, though.

Q: Are the workouts pretty hard?

A: Workouts are really fun because I love working out with the team. They motivate me to push myself and become stronger.

Q: Do you wish more people were in cheer?

A: YES!! Cheer is such an underrated sport for how hard it is. We literally throw and catch bodies…What other sport does that? And with gracefulness too?