Hello, Dolly! was at CCU!! Review of the Show

CCU's Hello Dolly! Cast

Faith Paschke, Staff Writer

Faith Alum Alex Fox
Katlin Miller and Faith Paschke at CCU’s Hello, Dolly!

Ah, the joy of going to the theatre and watching a show that you’ll be doing in less than a month! On the night of February 9, CCU put on a show of Hello, Dolly! at the Lakewood Cultural Events Center. The show was amazing and well-organized; the actors themselves were spot-on, with not a single forgotten line, and the actors put the comedy as well as the meaning and emotion of the show into the performance. The choreography was well-done and elegant to watch, and the cast and crew put one hundred percent of themselves into performing their parts of the show. It was pleasing to watch how well-timed everything was in regard to bringing set pieces out onstage, timing the lights, and several other behind-the-scenes crew action during the show. The actors seemed to enjoy themselves and looked to be having a lot of fun with their characters. Overall, the show of Hello, Dolly! at CCU was beautifully done and wonderful to watch. The show featured Faith alum Alex Fox.