Student Council Q&A with Maddy Cassell

Student Council Q&A with Maddy Cassell

Grace Hansen, Staff Writer

A student council Q&A with sophomore representative, Maddy Cassell:

Q: What is your favorite thing about student council?

A: “Planning dances and fun activities outside of school.”

Q: How does student council affect the whole school?

A: “All of the exciting stuff that the school does (assemblies, dances, games) are planned by Stuco, and most people participate.”

Q: What is involved with student council?

A: “We do fundraisers, some community service outreaches, advocate for student privileges, and try to make things as fun as possible.”

Q: What is some advice to students who want to join student council?

A: “Meetings are only once a week, and it looks great on college resumes. If you’re interested, totally do it.”