FCA Graduates Qualify for World Robotics Competition


Becca Horton, Staff Writer

In 2017, 1826’s Keith Horton graduated, and in 2018, Richie Reper got his G.E.D. Keith Horton went to Vex Worlds 2018 to volunteer, and he was inspired to make a VEXU team. Since Richie began his college education, he was able to join and be the programmer of the team. Keith became the builder, working tirelessly to create the perfect robot that will fit in a 15 by 15 inch square. In VEXU, there are two robots made by one team. A former high school team agreed to join them and compete alongside them. They built the sister robot that would fit in the 22 by 22 inch square. VEXU competitions are rare to come by, but they were able to go to Arizona and win the excellence award. This qualifies them for the world championships, held in April. Keith Horton says, “What won them over was me telling them that our greatest achievement was being able to communicate even though the other team was in Fort Collins, while we were in Lakewood.”