The Ranger’s Apprentice Review

The Ranger's Apprentice Book Covers

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The Ranger's Apprentice Book Covers

Bethany Mason, Staff Writer

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The Ranger’s Apprentice by John Flanagan is a 12-book series about a young man named Will who becomes a Ranger. In this medieval series, a ranger is a high-ranking official who responds to the king and no one else. Rangers are highly skilled in archery, silent movement, and camouflage. The kingdom Araluen uses this elite group of men to deal with problems far beyond the capabilities of knights. The story is about Will and how he strives to become a better Ranger as he encounters deadly situations, with stories ranging from Araluen throughout the world. This series is an adventure-packed, fun-filled story that teaches what the world was like in 1100 A.D. I completely recommend this series, especially if you enjoyed works like Tolkien’s The Hobbit, and C.S Lewis’s The Chronicles of Narnia.


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