Q and A with Sophia Keister: Dealing with Injury

Sophia Keister

Sophia Keister

Q: What injury did you acquire in your sport season?

A: “I suffered a torn ACL and meniscus.”

Q: How did you acquire such an injury?

A: “I jumped to hit the ball, and upon my arrival to the ground my knee bent inwards causing immense pain!”

Q: How long were you “out”?

A: “I was out for the season for sure; I could walk for 7 weeks, and had to hobble for 7 more weeks.”

Q: How will you grow stronger through this experience?

A: “Through mandatory PT (physical therapy), I have learned to trust those in the medical field as well as Christ.”

Q: What is your favorite part of your experience?

A: “Having my family as slaves, HEHE.”