New Robotics Game


Becca Horton, Staff Writer

Every year, the Faith Christian robotics team gets a new challenge, or new game to play. In the past, we’ve dealt with throwing foam jacks across a fence, stacking 3D cubes, and even stacking several cones upon goals that were movable. This year, the team gets a new game, known as Tower Takeover. It’s played on a twelve foot-by-twelve foot field by two alliances. The allianced robots must be eighteen inches-by-eighteen inches, but once they are on the field, they are allowed to expand to any possible height. It starts off with a fifteen second autonomous, meaning no human control; it is just code controlling the robot. Whoever wins gets two purple cubes, or bonus cubes. If it ends in a tie, one cube will be rewarded to both alliances. There are seven different towers, five that can be used by either alliance, and two that are specific to the team’s colors. There are two preloads for each team, and they are able to place them in the last thirty seconds of the match. Whoever has the most cubes stacked in their tower wins. The team has already had a meeting to discuss the new robot for the season.